Desmopol Tecnotop 2C

Liquid Waterproof

Tecnotop is a two component system, it’s used after your Desmopol base coat has dried; giving the roof a nice shiny more aesthetic finish. With excellent adhesion and mechanical properties, excellent resistance to abrasion and stress that make it resistant to weathering, extreme temperatures and UV radiation. Is suitable for coating protection for traffic deck.

Using in compliance with Desmopol this will give you a 20 year guarantee.


1 x 5kg Tin per 20m²

Technical Information

  • Tecnotop provides a Glossy aesthetic finish.
  • Can be mixed with Pigments to match any RAL colour code.
  • Provides a clean and easy to maintain finish, resistant to mold and algae.
  • Must be applied in dry conditions, avoiding the presence of humidity.
  • Final product is obtained by mixing 100% of both parts of the system, if only part of the tin is used make sure correct ratios are applied.
  • Can be applied on a number of surfaces. Including : Concrete, Cement, Ceramics, Desmopol.
  • Apply with a roller for best results.
  • Tecnotop is not suitable for use on surfaces that undergo total immersion of water (swimming pools).

Downloads & Links:

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