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We believe Desmopol is the best liquid plastic waterproofing system on the market. Desmopol can be used on pretty much any surface including concrete, asphalt, bitumen and plywood. It’s a perfect solution to new roofs and repairs alike.

Desmopol is a liquid single component made up from pure polyurethane, which once catalyzed forms a continuous elastic membrane, without any joints, overlapping or any integrated mesh needs. Its properties make it an excellent choice for achieving air-tightness and perfect waterproofing on a multitude of surfaces and substrates. It is applied manually, using a roller or brush and, exceptionally, using specific spray equipment.



1 x 6kg Tin per 4m²

1 x 25kg Tin per 15m²

Technical Information:

  • Desmopol is a highly elastic and wear resistant membrane that once applied offers great stability, durability and is waterproof certified.
  • Thanks to its versatility Desmopol adapts to any surface making it the ideal product for application on uneven surfaces and areas of any shape whether its curved or squared.
  • Green roof application certified according EN 13948. (ETA 10/0121 and BBA 16/5340)
  • Desmopol membrane can be applied in a single layer (minimum thickness recommended 1.5mm) by mixing desmoplus accelerator.
  • Must be applied in dry conditions.
  • Desmopol alone offers a 15 year warranty, with the use of Tecnotop 2C you can extend this to 20 years.
  • Due to the strength of Desmopol, you are able to walk over it. With the use of Slate Granules you can also make Desmopol anti slip for walkways.
  • Product is immune to temperature changes between -40ºC and +80ºC.
  • Do not use Desmothix with Desmoplus.
  • Ceramic flooring can be placed on top, in this case use a thin layer of Primer PU-1000 and sprinkle slate granules to improve the mechanical anchoring.

Downloads & Links:

Desmopol Technical Data Sheet
Desmoplus Data Sheet
TecnoTop-2C Data Sheet
Primer PU1000
Desmothix Data Sheet

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