Swish 9mm Vented Soffits

Fascia & Soffits

Flat soffit with ventilation slots built in, vented soffits ensures that roofs are ventilated at all times preventing damp and rot.

Sizes and Colours:

Vented Soffit boards are 5mtrs long, 9mm thick with 10mm air gaps.

150mm – W, M, C, R, Z
175mm- W, M, C, R, Z
200mm – W
225mm – W, M, C, R, Z
250mm – W
300mm – W, M, C, R, Z
405mm – W, M, C, R, Z
455mm – W
605mm – W

W = White | M = Mahogany | C = Light Oak | R = Rosewood | Z = Black




Swish Range Guide
Swish BBA Certificate
Swish Safe Use Guidelines
Installers Handbook

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