Swish 9mm Cappit Fascia

Fascia & Soffits

9mm Cappit profiles are designed primarily for over capping of existing roofline construction in refurbishment projects. They are not able to support the weight of eaves tiles or guttering on their own and should be fixed to existing sound timber or suitable backboards at 600mm centres for white and 400mm centres for foiled and coloured  profiles.

Sizes and Colours:

Cappit fascia boards are 5mtrs long, 9mm thick with a square edge.
150mm – W, J, H, M, C, R, Z, X
175mm- W, J, A, E, T, G, SD, M, C, R, Q, Z, X, K, D
200mm – W, J, H, A, E, T, G, SD, M, C, R, Z
225mm – W, J, A, E, T, G, SD, M, C, R, Q, Z, X, K, D
250mm – W, J, H, M, C, R, Z
300mm – W, J, M, C, R, Z, X
405mm Double Ended – W, A, E, T, G, M, C, R, Z, Q, X, K, D
605mm – W

Smooth Boards:

W = White | J = Bright White | H = Cream | A = Anthracite Black | E = Light Grey | T = Hazy Grey | G = Anthracite Grey | SD= Sand

Foiled Boards

M = Mahogany | C = Light Oak | R = Rosewood | Q = Irish Oak | Z = Black | X = Anthracite Grey Foil | K= White Foil | D = Cream Foil



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